If you thought choosing a bike shop is easy, wait until you have to choose a bike shop that caters to specialized types of bikes. Mountain bikes such as downhill or cross-country bikes are harder to find. It is important to choose specialized bike shops such as Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria has to offer to ensure that you can get quality bikes that offer specialized performance. But due to the limited options available, locally or online, you need to be more cautious when knowing where you buy your bikes from.

Follow these tips when determining the best bike shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer that caters to specialized bikes:

Choose Specialty Shops

There are several types of bike shops online or locally. You can go to them when it comes to finding all types of bikes. But for specialized types of bikes such as mountain bikes or those that are used for racing, you have to go to specialty cycling shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer. Performance bikes like mountain or hybrid bikes are manufactured by select companies. By visiting specialty shops, you can guarantee that you can find the best performance bikes suited for your intended use of them. Specialized bike shops can also offer more variety in terms of brands and manufacturers; hence, you can find one that would fit into your budget.

Knowledgeable Staff

One way to assess the quality of a specialty cycling store Sydney Alexandria has to offer is through its staff. When you walk into a store, you normally turn to the staff for assistance or advice in your buying decision. Therefore, it is important that the staff is knowledgeable about specialty bikes so they can make informed recommendations to you.

If you walk into a bike shop and you have a few questions to ask, the staff that provides assistance to you should be able to provide the answers you need. If not, then you need to look somewhere else. If the shop does not give enough attention to training their staff, you have to question the business’ commitment to providing quality service to their customers.

Free Fittings

Proper bike fit is crucial with specialized bikes built for performance. When you buy from a specialty bike shop such as Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria has today, the store should be able to provide free fitting as part of your purchase. Some of the bike fitting adjustments that could be done include the position of the saddle, the height of the saddle or seats, and the placement of the pedals. The aim with bike fitting is to allow the bike to adjust to your unique physical needs. After all, not all rides are of the same weight and size. Therefore, the bike should be adjusted accordingly, not the other way around.

Fitting bikes is important so you are comfortable riding it; plus, this could also prevent injury. This is another testament to the shop’s commitment to providing quality service to customers.

For all of your specialized bike needs, go to Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria offers at https://www.twomonkeyscycling.com.au. This is Sydney’s top bike shop that offers all types of bikes, bike gears, accessories and more.

See more info below:

Business Name: Two Monkeys Cycling Alexandria
Name: Lester Ramos
Address: 92 McEvoy St
Contact Name: Lester Ramos
Phone: (02) 9699 7074
Logo URL: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1269/7097/t/8/assets/logo.png?6255483064281973605
Trading Hours: 7am - 5.30pm
Trading Days: Monday - Saturday
Payment Types: Cash, Credit Card

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